Burgerlizer Hot&spring Hotel Nanjing

Floating in the hot springs of low-carbon life, the ancient capital of paradise within. – Burgerlizer Hot&spring Hotel Nanjing combines Taiwan Motor Inn and Spa Resort as one of two modes, luxurious, romantic, intimate, but also contains a leisure, health, quiet characteristics.

Burgerlizer Hot&spring Hotel caused by historical and cultural town located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Tangshan, by Jiuda Construction Investment Group Investment and Development, a collection of Jiuda Deyi hotel management company’s business reception, family gatherings, leisure and tourism as one of the East’s top luxury Hot&spring Hotel features.

The hotel covers an area of 15 acres, the building area of 13,200 square meters, three sub-basement floor. The hotel has more than 70 spa rooms, more than 20 kinds of design style, located in Jiangning District of Nanjing Tangshan streets of Shengtang on the 1st Avenue, 40 minutes from the airport, train station 40 minutes, bus station 30 minutes away by car.

Hotel adopt “a room for a garage, a soup” model, all guests can get off free check, Room comes with an exclusive private garage, it is a private hot spring pool in the room, the guests all-round protection of personal privacy, for family travel, friends, business reception and so on. The room with OSIM massage chair, legs massage machine, FUJI slimming riding machine, Apple one machine, 2m * 2m luxury bed, large spa bath, to bring you luxurious comfort.