PEI Mansion Hotel

Luxury, Serenity & History graciously intertwine at the PEI Mansion Hotel. Enjoy Chinese culture, excellent service and the convenience of a central location at the first Garden Boutique Hotel in the heart of downtown Shanghai. Built in 1934, the building was designed for the family of the famous architect I.M. Pei (Louvre Pyramid, Paris). The building embraces the strong passion the powerful Pei family had and, like a themed mansion, maintains a combination of culture, style and history within this unique city center hotel. The exceptional and thoughtful design within the interior of this City Heritage building has resulted in a hotel of uncompromising style and beauty. It is a luxurious oasis set in middle of downtown Shanghai, with a peaceful haven of immaculate manicured gardens and spectacular ponds filled with Japanese Coy. A magnificent spiraling “Dragon” staircase with its stunning original glass ceiling, leads from the lavishly adorned lobby, to floors filled with memorabilia of Shanghai’s golden 1930’s. Some prized artifacts from old China include; an original 1900’s stone Gazebo & a tablet with “long life” written in 100 different Chinese characters among other items.