Regalia Resort & Spa

Yuyama Nomi, not only hot spring. Regalia Resort & SPA is located in the mountain and build, Tang Shan of the mid levels in the valley. Surrounded by mountains and, bamboo shade, an idyllic scene, one into the lobby, the thick of the Southeast Asian style of decoration, the air filled with the faint natural fragrance. Here, the rich family activities, not only let your child have a happy time, you can also find childhood fun. The hotel is adjacent to Shanghai Nanjing high-speed, Nanjing away from the urban area only 30 minutes.Tangshan City Royal Court is your side of the family a good place for a holiday! Tang Shan Regalia Resort & SPA has a Southeast Asian style main building, hiding in the hills Greenwood, here is not with unrivaled scenery, but subtly show their temperament in the hill. In the way to the hotel on the road,High-speed Rail from Shanghai to more quickly with the hotel is preferred,short shuttle bus shuttle guests to commute to the hotel and Nanjing High-speed Rail station. Tangshan royal court from two of the world to the family of three parent-child travel, more of a love, a moving, there is a beautiful hands holding hands! All manufacturing in Tang Shan – the Royal court! Tangshanregalia is you love travel, combined with regression nature pastoral life,according to seasonal changes and customize various wonderful activities both inside and outside the hotel, there are suitable for family parent-child activities,the company expanded and large-scale activities, the promotion of healthy lifeas a mountain sports, swimming, fitness, riding a horse in the summer garden picking, more arranged a variety of water sports and other leisureentertainment facilities, in order to provide a pleasant and comfortable leisurespace.