Sheraton Xi’an northcity

Xi’an seric Sheraton Le Grand Large Hotel (North) by the Shaanxi sea Cci Capital Ltd investment, located in Xi’an Beiguan Weiyang Yingbin Road No. 32,adjacent to the Xi’an Economic and Technological Development Zone, be close by. subway station, 5 minutes walk to the Daming Palace National Heritage Park; only 30 minutes drive away from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. The hotel has 491 charming rooms and Suites, including 29 servicetype apartments, are equipped with the characteristics of the “Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed”; more than 1800 square meters of banquet hall including a 626square meters of Lun Deda banquet hall, 10 meeting rooms and independentconference reception area, can easily accommodate 1200 people; fourdifferent styles of restaurants and trendy lounge will meet guests of differenttastes and environmental needs. For more information, please

Xi’an seric Sheraton Le Grand Large Hotel features steak house as Xi’an Stars Hotel in only one American steak house, main steak, seafood and barbecue,its own live cooking open kitchen and a fine wine, let you enjoy the most topsteak and seafood. After dinner to enjoy a glass of red wine, lit a cigarette, let you have a profound perfect dining experience.

Fresh beef steak – as the restaurant of the protagonist, mainly from theAustralian Angus and wagyu. 180 to 450 grams of beef for your choice, andenough to satisfy the demand for meat eaters. Five cooked steak AngusSirloin Steak edge a little bar, make it rigidly uniform can see beautiful internaltexture and full red juice, rare Huohou held very skilled, temperature is not high not low natural tastes fresh and juicy.

Restaurant in European cuisine and doping American elements, all kinds ofAustralian steaks and the Atlantic universal popular seafood feast taste budsexperience challenges. Here have come from all over the world Wine rich,including some years extremely long treasured wine for a total of more than 300. The calm atmosphere, full of commercial van son space wood floor, cigar bar, elegant, very comfortable. Here is not only the guests from the authentic American dishes and world famous wineries of the superior Wine best place,also held the perfect places for private dinner.

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