The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

ritz carlton HK


From the moment you enter The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, you understand that a thrilling, multi-sensory adventure awaits you not only in the city outside, but inside this luxury hotel located 490 meters in the air.

“Horse Galloping Across the Sky,” a stunning masterpiece by Chinese artist Yuanming He, provides the first clue to those meandering through our ground floor entrance that a dynamic environment buzzes and hums above in our luxury hotel located in the acclaimed International Commerce Centre. There on the top floors of the building known as “The Dragon Tail” for its scale-like, overlapping shingle façade, guests sip Afternoon Tea in The Lounge and Bar, dance to thumping music mixed by local DJs at OZONE, savour refined Cantonese and Italian cuisines in the celebrated restaurants, relax in The Ritz-Carlton Spa® by ESPA, and return to their opulent guest rooms to reflect on their days spent exploring.

From above, guests can survey the magnificent vista unseen by those staying in any other luxury hotels in Hong Kong, and realise that just like Hong Kong, The Ritz-Carlton that shares its name is a place unlike any other.